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*** Welcome to Mineral Classics! Monday, September 28, 2020... Our database contains 2670 specimens, encompassing 182 species... Please be sure to check out our new fully searchable database feature (click on the Search Site button on the left side of the screen)

Welcome to Mineral Classics

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Our next TWO shows will be:

February 7th -- 10th, 2020 for
The Westward Look Show!
At The Westward Look Resort.

We will be in our usual spot in room 230, Building 21.

... AND February 13th -- 16th, 2020 for
The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show!
At The Tucson Convention Center.

We will have the big 40 FOOT booth on the east side of Aisle 5.

... We look forward to seeing all of you there!!

Recent Updates

Superb Spinel specimens from Mogok, Myanmar

The area around Mogok is world famous for producing the finest crystals and gems of Spinel in the world. Many of these crystals have yielded the most impressive red "Ruby Spinel" gems ever found. Mogok is most likely the site of the discovery of the famous Black Prince's Ruby in the Crown Jewels of the UK. This significance of the stone is the crown is that it was actually revealed to be a giant (170 carat) Spinel, and not a Ruby as thought for centuries. Spinels are typically found in opaque, dark crystals, but we were fortunate to pick up a parcel of not only colorful but GEMMY crystals direct from the source!

Head over to the New Minerals section of the website and check them out.

Wholesale Amazonite Specimens from Colorado

A mix of assorted Amazonite specimens from Colorado at 50% off. Some pieces date back many decades from the collections of Willard Wulff and Dave Bergman. You do not need a wholesale license to purchase these specimens, they're simply marked down to wholesale prices.

Head over to the Wholesale section of the website and check them out.

Assorted Worldwide Minerals

This update is filled with fine quality display specimens highlighted by plenty of gem crystals, worlwide classics and even a few metallic species.

Head over to the New Minerals section of the website and check them out.

Superb Ruby, Tourmaline and Topaz Specimens from around Mogok, Myanmar

We were fortunate to recently acquire a parcel of some of the finest crystallized Rubies that we've ever seen from Mogok, Myanmar including a killer cabinet matrix specimen. These Rubies are incredibly fine in terms of quality, size, sharpness, luster, crystallization and color. Additionally you will find one impressive big matrix Rubellite Tourmaline on Quartz and a WATER CLEAR sherry Topaz crystal from Mogok.

Head over to the New Minerals section of the website and check them out.

Superb Brookite Specimens from Pakistan

In the early 2000s, the Kharan District in Pakistan started producing some of the finest "Alpine-type" Brookite specimens ever seen. We have been selecting individual specimens over the last few years to put together an update of these impressive Brookites. These pieces are remarkably similar to the classic true Alpine Brookites from Italy and Austria, and in many ways have surpassed their European counterparts in terms of size and quality. Most Brookites from the Alps are only a few millimeters in length, but there are many pieces in this update with crystals approaching 2 cm, and one crystal over 3 cm! The superb luster and form of the crystals combined with their deep flame red hues and classic black "phantoms" make them incredibly desirable to collectors as specimens of this caliber truly have never been offered on the market like this.

Head over to the New Minerals section of the website and check them out.

Assorted Worldwide Tourmaline Gemstones

A great update featuring assorted worldwide Tourmaline gemstones. You'll find classic Brazilian stones along with beautiful bi-colored and tri-colored gems, plus uniquely and oddly colored Tourmalines from Nigeria, Tanzania and Mozambique. We've even thrown in a lovely "Watermelon" Tourmaline slice and a lovely Indicolite Cat's Eye Gem!

Head over to the Gemstone section of the website and check them out.

Assorted Worldwide Minerals from New Discoveries and European Localities

This update features a mix of new finds that we've picked up over the last few months along with pieces from a few recognized collections. You'll also find assorted minerals from Europe and well-known specimens from classic US localities.

Head over to the New Minerals section of the website and check them out.

Assorted Quartz, Quartz Varieties, Chalcedony, Opal and Inclusion-Friendly Quartz Gemstones

We've put together a great update of mixed gems of Quartz, Quartz Varieties, Opal, Chalcedony and even Quartz with Inclusions from our recent purchases. There a little bit of everything including some of your favorites like newly faceted Ametrines from Bolivia, along with new gems of "Blood Vessel Opal" from Mexico, plus beautiful multi-color Opals from Ethiopia and some attractive golden Cat's Eye Opal gems from Brazil. Be sure to check out the electric eyllow Jelly / Fire Opal from Idaho and the inclusion gems which feature Quartz with minerals like Actinolite, Hematite, Lazulite and the rare phosphate Trolleite!

Head over to the Gemstone section of the website and check them out.

Fine quality Vivianite specimens from Bolivia

Recently while rearranging our store room, we re-discovered this beautiful parcel of Vivianites that have never been offered for sale. These specimens were first discovered in mid-2004, and I'm proud to say that we were actually the first US dealers to offer them for sale. We were directly importing specimens straight from the mine, and had them out just a few weeks after they were discovered. The specimens quickly sold out, and I was always hunting for more. The locality hasn't produced anything in years, and by all accounts, it is completely finished.

Head over to the New Minerals section of the website and check them out. PLEASE NOTE: All of these specimens were photographed with backlighting to better illustrate their internal gemminess and color. With that said, Vivianites should only be exposed to light for limited amounts of time to prevent them from dehydrating. It is recommended to store Vivianites in a closed box to preserve their quality.

New Trapiche Habit Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald specimens!

The elusive "Trapiche" habit is only observed in a handful of species, most notably Emerald, along with Ruby and Sapphire and a handful of other gem crystals. Their beautiful "six leg" internal growth structure has made then one of the more sought after oddities in the mineral world. We are big fans of these beautiful and unique specimens, and have been slowly putting together enough pieces to create an update. The most famous Trapiche Emeralds are found in Colombia, while in recent years some very interesting Trapiche Rubies and Sapphires have been trickling out of Myanmar (Burma). Luckily we have a few good connections for these rare specimens in both countries, so we're able to buy them direct and offer what are some of the most interesting and alluring examples that we've seen. If you're unfamiliar with these specimens, be sure to visit the New Minerals section of the website and check them out. Please note, like all Trapiche specimens, these pieces have been sliced and polished to better illustrate their beauty.

Assorted Worldwide Specimen from Recent Acqusitions plus Classic Minerals, Colorado Pieces and New Finds!

This update features assorted worldwide specimens including some recent acquisitions from the Tucson Show, along with worldwide classics and a handful of specimens from our home state of Colorado. Check out the newly mined Chrysoberyls from Brazil, including a RARE matrix specimen. Additionally we have some unique specimens of multicolor Opal replacing Wood from Indonesia. Along the same lines, we have a few new pieces of the gorgeous rare green Petrified Wood from Zimbabwe. Also, there are some large impressive purple and pink Spinel crystals from Myanmar (Burma). We have a great old matrix Kongsberg Silver and be sure to check out the fine quality, classic iridescent "rainbow" Andradite Garnet from Japan. Finally, there are a couple of beautiful Rhodochrosites from Colorado (one from the Grizzly Bear Mine and another from the Champion Mine) along with what is arguably the FINEST matrix specimen of Ferrokesterite extant! Visit the New Minerals section of the website to see everything.

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We are dealers in superb quality mineral specimens from worldwide localities, specializing in Colorado minerals, Bolivian minerals, Alpine & "Alpine type" minerals, and New Jersey Trap Rock minerals. We also deal in fine gemstones and jewelry from world wide localities (this is the only part of the site that is not yet complete).

Please feel free to make requests as we have a large inventory ranging from contemporary pieces to old "classics" in ALL size and price ranges.

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