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Gemstone Upates

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Tourmaline Gems!


This update is filled with attractive, superb, unique and unusual Tourmaline gems from around the world. There are classics from Brazil including beautiful pink and blue "Indicolite" Tourmalines along with gorgeous tri-colored stones. One of the highlights of the update is a 23+ carat rich pink Tourmaline from Nigeria! We also have a great mix of unique and rarely seen colors of Tourmaline from Tanzania, Nigeria and Mozambique. You'll even find a "Watermelon" Tourmaline slice and a lovely "Indicolite" cat's eye gem from Afghanistan.

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Assorted Quartz, Quartz Varieties , Opal, Chalcedony, and Inclusion-friendly Quartz Gemstones!


We have a great mix here of new discoveries, old favorites, rarities and unusual stones. Look for some fresh new Ametrine gems that we just received from our cutters. There are also some attractive and unique examples of the new "Blood Vessel Opals" from Mexico along with some gorgeous multi-color Opals from Ethiopia. Be sure to the check out the beautiful golden Cat's Eye Opals from Brazil along with eletric yellow Jelly / Fire Opal from Idaho. You'll also find some cool inclusion-friendly stones featuring Quartz with minerals like Actinolite, Hematite, Lazulite and the rare phosphate Trolleite.

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Rare Trapiche Habit Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds!!


The Trapiche habit is only seen in a handful of species around the world. Famously the term is often associated with Emeralds from Colombia, and in recent years some very attractive Rubies and Sapphires have been found in Myanmar (Burma). These specimens are beloved by collectors for their unique "six leg" spoke form that is reminiscent of "star" gems, but almost in reverse, as they required backlighting to see the dark black internal "spokes". We have been big fans of this material for a long time, and have slowly been putting together enough stones to create an update. Our sources in Colombia and Myanmar have been able to directly supply us with some fine examples of these gorgeous specimens. If you've never seen Trapiches before, or if you've always wanted to pick one up for your collection, don't miss out on these attractive and one-of-a-kind specimens. Truly no two are ever alike, and what they lack in size they more than make up for in beauty.

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Assorted Rare Worldwide Gemstones!


This update features assorted worldwide rare gems (including a handful cut by members of the family!).
A wonderful update filled with interesting collector quality rare stones. Some gems in this update are only found in a handful of places in the world, others are simply superb faceted examples of hard to find species. Check out the brilliant green Sphalerites from Bulgaria, along with a brilliant MULTIPLE COLOR CHANGE Sapphire from Tazania. You'll find plenty of rarities from the United States including, Datolite and Friedelite from New Jersey, Benitoite from California and Bixbyite from Utah. There are also some great rarities from Africa including GEM QUALITY Wurtzite, along with a dazzling yellow Charlesite and a gorgeous pinkish-orange Bustamite. You will also see extremely rare faceted example of Schlossmacherite, Fahleite and even a FACETED VIVIANITE! Last but not least, we are thrilled to offer a gemstone that was cut and polished by our son, William (age 16). This is the first stone that William has cut and polished that we've ever offered for sale.

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Spinel Crystal Sets from Vietnam


We have updated our website with a page of small gem quality Spinel crystals which are mounted into gem boxes. Many of these sets are inexpensively priced at just over $1 per crystal. Please click here if you wish to view these gemstones.



Hauyne Gems and Crystals!


We have updated our website with a page of Hauyne gemstones and crystals from Germany. These stones are completely natural, having no treatment whatsoever. Hauyne is one of the most sought after rare gems in the world. Please click here if you wish to view these gemstones.